This post is portraying what I seem to be my MMU. It includes some of the things and places which I like the most around campus.

image (1) image (3)

The building which I’m in the most for the Multimedia Journalism course is the Geoffrey Manton building. It is my favourite out of the two the course features as I am familiar with it, as well as the fact it’s a five minute walk from my accomodation! I like the building as it’s open and clearly marked, which is handy for a first year trying to find their way around the daunting new university. I normally sit and eat my dinner if I can find a spare seat within the atrium rather than sitting within the cafe as it is a lot quieter than the cafe itself.


About being clearly marked – this is my favourite lecture theature, LT7 in Geoffrey Manton. It is a nice temperature and allows our class to spread out, rather than us all be sat on each others knees like in LT3.

Manchester Metropolitan University Business School by David Dixon is licenced under CC BY 2.0

Above is the Business School which we are in for the Journalism Skills unit. I really do think the building stands out from the rest, a modern architectural masterpiece next to an older building. Manchester has a lot of new buildings but also preserves the old buildings alongside them, this is an example of MMU being contempary in such a beautiful historic city. With this building, like the Geoffrey Manton, it is set out well which helps newcomers. The buildings go round in a square on the specific floors which made it a lot easier to find the room on the first day!

image (4)

My last section for my MMU is, ofcourse, my bed! Despite only living twenty minutes away from Manchester I thought moving into the city would benefit me with learning about indepedance and enhance my lifestyle as a student, aswell as not having to get an hour long bus journey every morning! I moved into Manchester Student Village which is just off Oxford Road which means I am only a five minute walk away from all my lectures, so no excuse for me to be late I guess… I am sharing with another girl and two boys, except from having to tidy up after myself I really am having such an amazing time and I am pleased with my decision to move out (also how cute is my bedding?).


About Jenna Saville

I am a 21 year old Multimedia Journalism student at Manchester Metropolitan University. I enjoy drinking tea and watching Grey's Anatomy.
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