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A pair of joyriders cause two serious accidents in Oxdown on Sunday night – one of which left a Gazette reporter in intensive care.

Trainee Gazette reporter Gavin Bell, 24, was taken to hospital with a fractured skull and broken ribs, while Mr Jeffery Coombes, 48, of Engsleigh Close Midhampton.

Chief Inspector Grey said: “Instead of going round the roundabout the correct way the Astra went round the roundabout the wrong way into Eastern Avenue and struck cyclist Mr Bell.

“The eye witnesses from the Crown Hotel saw Mr Bell thrown into the air and land head first across the kerb, but the Astra did not stop.”

Mr Bell, of Marina Crescent Riverdale estate who trains on his bike in his spare time, was found unconscious with a damaged helmet 10m away from his bike at the scene of the incident which left him with a fractured skull and broken ribs.

He is critically ill in intensive care at St. Mary’s Hospital.

Chief Insp Sian Grey, of traffic, said the second accident occurred when a white Vauxhall Astra driven by two joyriders jumped the lights at the junction of St Mary’s Way and Roundway Road.

Builder, Mr Coombes was driving along Roundway Road in a blue Ford Transit Van after visiting relatives when he swerved to avoid a crash with the joyriders and hit a tree.

A group leaving the Crown Hotel on St (no stop needed) Marys Way saw the creation of the accident as the Vauxhall Astra with no lights on sped up to the junction with Eastern Avenue.

The Astra was recovered this morning on farmland behind Riverside Woods by Giles Oakshott, of Oxbank Farm.

He said: “I spotted when I took the cars out very early this morning. The car was all battered and dented, and was lying on its side in the ditch. I don’t know how long it had been there.

“The annoying thing is that whoever left it there drove through new fencing to dump it there and caused a lot of damage in the process.”


About Jenna Saville

I am a 21 year old Multimedia Journalism student at Manchester Metropolitan University. I enjoy drinking tea and watching Grey's Anatomy.
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