The two blogs which I am going to compare are both music blogs: and

I chose because it was very modern and cutting edge with its appearance in my opinion. The use of multimedia was on every page I visited as well as having page transitions. At the top of every page was a header in which you had to scroll down to get to the page you intended to view, which I think is a good reminder for what site you’re on, it enhances the brand in my view. The articles range from reviews, profiles and introducing, all of which are well written. As all the content is new and not very pop culture-like I’d say this has a niche audience, which may be interesting to compare against something with a wider readership. Another reason why I chose this blog was because it was on listed as a top influential blog.

The second blog I chose was In my opinion this blog is more traditional in its layout yet still incorporates multimedia usage as well as their twitter feed and an option to listen to music featured on the blog in the background. This has a wider readership as Drake is mentioned which is a name in pop music a lot of people recognise, this could have a difference on what articles are used. The content is of good standard and so is the user experience.

Digital Journalism by Janet Jones and Lee Salter will be used as some of my academic literature, as it comments on how the internet was seen as a threat. I’ll be using this just as an overview for both blogs(chapter 1). Also it comments on how certain news sites have used twitter within their website which is what is thought to have been debasing journalism, where as I believe it is the opposite especially on blogs like the We Pug Good Music, I will argue the point that it helps get the word out there and reach a wider readership (chapter 1).


About Jenna Saville

I am a 21 year old Multimedia Journalism student at Manchester Metropolitan University. I enjoy drinking tea and watching Grey's Anatomy.
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