Texts for pictures

I’m Jenna Saville, nineteen years old and from Stalybridge. I am on the Multimedia Journalism course at MMU and living out. It is handy being so close to home but I do enjoy the independance which comes with it. I enjoy media and writing throughout high school and sixth form so this incorporates both. My primary role within this project is to shoot the footage.

JORDANPORTRAIT: The central point within the image is showing the jaw, the positioning allowed the natural light from behind to really frame his face as well as the square shape within the background allowing the face to stand out. There is no eye contact, but as it is quite close up this could either make the viewer feel uncomfortable or feel their new life which is coming.

ABBYARTISTICPORTRAIT: A radical blur zoom was used within the background of this image, with an increased brightness and contrast. Then I used photo filter and put a red tint over the image at a 30% density to give a warm feel. A child looking cold yet fussy on a snowy day. Portraying emotion as her eyes glare at the camera. The blurriness could be perceived to portray confusion within young people.

OBJECTLEGI- Initially I had trouble getting it optimised but I then cropped the image which took it down to 24.2K. This image portrays exactly what toy figurines should be, bright, colourful and full of fun. Superman and Wonderwoman are walking through the lego streets going about their day to day business as you can see the shops behind them. The connotation in this picture is that even hero’s have to think of themselves. With the lego being a reminder of peoples childhood this should hopefully make people stop and smile of fond memories and remember that it is okay to take time out of their day to day lives now and again.

BUILDINGLANDSCAPE- This picture is from the extension of Manchester Town Hall. I thought the arches framed the photo beautifully, but also the arches going along since elongates the photo which the vision that the viewer of the photo is going on a journey through the dark long ‘tunnel’ or arches and will come out at the end brighter, a life journey. A warming filter LBA was used to give the image a brighter effect, with the density at 8% which made the image looked darker than the original but still looked like there was a ‘light at the end of the tunnel’.

COMPOSITE- Composites see the old and new coming together. Picadilly will never be a calm serene area but this picture really does capture the light of what manchester is all about and how powerful peoples actions can be past to present. However I could only optimise my composite image down to 32.65K rather than 25K because the quality was lowered and it compromised the image when I took it down to 20.74K. The image contains sections of the new picture alongside elements of the old picture which I thought to be powerful.


About Jenna Saville

I am a 21 year old Multimedia Journalism student at Manchester Metropolitan University. I enjoy drinking tea and watching Grey's Anatomy.
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