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Social media allows entertainment related events and such to be talked bout worldwide all the time, rather than just on the news. Due to this there is a larger audience for it, as it is not only the people who would have seen it on the news and such but it is possible for everybody with a social media account to be involved within the coverage.

1)Glastonbury, Kanye, revealed over Twitter. Has a hashtag, #Glasto2015


2)Madonna fall, went viral over social networking, before the rise of twitter and such only the people who watched it/the news would have known, whereas this went viral and there were videos of the fall and memes mocking Madonna. Brit award viewings up from last year but still considered low (5.8 million) due to ant and dec hosting but still gave a larger platform for viewing the incident. Described as breaking news on news outlet. But also as social media is a platform for everybody, it gave Madonna a way to reply to her fans and the incident. Brought celebrity culture forward. UGC all over the internet, memes etc.

madonna5 madonna4 madonna2 madonna1

3)Oscar selfie of 2014.


5)Before social media there wouldnt have been coverage of concerts, apart from reviews in newspapers/,mags. So social media has opened up a new world of coverage for concerts. Not only allowing people to witness it and relive it by official videos and UGC but also look for tickets on social media. People have always wrote reviews but now with social media it allows them to spread their work on their blog/whatever it’s on and get a wider audience, theresfore social media coverage has changed in a positive way.
6) Album releases etc, Brandon Flowers teasing new single on Instagram. In the past we would have just had to wait or hear teasers on the radio. But now fans get a full view into the making and behind the scenes whilst the artist is able to be in control and give the fans what they want when they want.


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I am a 21 year old Multimedia Journalism student at Manchester Metropolitan University. I enjoy drinking tea and watching Grey's Anatomy.
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