Multiplatofmr?Children verbally abused by park security  

Last night a group of year sevens who are all “delights”, as described by one of the girls neighbours, went to play out after school.

They went to Stamford Park, on Darnton Road in Stalybridge at 3:45pm.

The toilets were locked so they went to find the security man to open it for them, his response was: “go away you fat f**k”.

Sources have told us that the child did not provoke him in anyway and they just walked away once it had happened.

One of the kids said: “We all just felt really awkward and went back down to the park.

“We were just asking to use the toilet and he shouted at us”.

After being told the story from his daughter, a parent went down to talk to the security man. He was up in arms and egging him on wanting a fight. The father just explained himself and why he was annoyed and backed away.

Another angry mother rang the contracted security company who the man worked for and they said: “Your kids should not have been in the park due to the drug dealers and crime”.

Now a group of year 7s who are no trouble at all won’t be allowed to go to their local park because of their surly security presence.

Stamford Park is a gem in Stalybridge, it has always been well looked after and is always full of children playin and dog walkers.


We are currently waiting for comment from Tameside Council regarding this issue.


About Jenna Saville

I am a 21 year old Multimedia Journalism student at Manchester Metropolitan University. I enjoy drinking tea and watching Grey's Anatomy.
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