Mum pitch.


Inspired by Humans of New York, the idea of Humans of Manchester Metropolitan University arose.

For such a broad topic it was hard to pick a specific subject to cover. So I looked close to home, and chose my Mother. A graduate from MMU, she was the first year to graduate from MMU as it changed from Manchester Polytechnic. Within this feature I don’t just focus on her academic career but also on how it is for her to come back, now I’m studying at the same university, to see the buildings and the surroundings.

I am a Multimedia Journalism student at Manchester Metropolitan University and I believe this would be relevant for your publication as it is a Manchester based topic which your readers may be interested in. The university is a main part of the structure of the city and this would allow other people to get a view into the university.

Within this package I would include pictures of my mum graduating and me on my first day, showing the contrast in time but the same surroundings. This could lead to a full feature into people who have gone to the same university as their parents, including the same style pictures, and interviews with both mum and daughter.



About Jenna Saville

I am a 21 year old Multimedia Journalism student at Manchester Metropolitan University. I enjoy drinking tea and watching Grey's Anatomy.
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