Food bank quotes

Christine bowe, volunteer with trusses food bank aged 63 from Ashton Under Lyne: ” it’s such a great feeling giving back to the community. Real people need to use the services we provide so we make sure we deliver the best possible to put them at ease through what could be a potentionally tricky situation”

“If there was no foodbank I’d have to steal something to feed by famliy”, a foodbank used from Dukinfield.

On average 67.3 parcels to people per week which has stayed steady since 2014, but since November we’ve had an increase of referrals. Christmas is a tough time and people need to know we’re here.

Tesco – “some poeple gave trolly loads of food which is very humbling, whilst a small minority still disagree with the idea of foodbanks”

QUOTES FROM TRISHA JARMAN, leader of the Trussel trust in East Tameside.


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