About Me

I am Jenna Saville an eighteen year old from Stalybridge, nobody seems to know where my beloved little hometown is (despite those who have done the infamous Ale Trail and stopped off at the Buffet Bar at the train station) so I’ve had to explain to literally everybody at university it is a small town about half an hour away from Manchester. Currently I am a fresher, in my first year of a Multimedia Journalism course at Manchester Metropolitan University.

At Sixth Form I studied English, Media Studies and Geography which have led me to this course as I feel it will allow me to use what I already know as well as flourishing and using new concepts from all three corners of the spectrum.

My number one interest throughout life is music. Attending numerous concerts every year since being four years old it has become a large part of my life; from Britney Spears to Leeds Festival, how times change. But I still have the same passion for music burning inside me that I will always have. Ideally being a music journalist is the central aspiration.

Zac Efron is my number one celebrity crush, tea person and Cath Kidston bowl owner.

This blog is part of my course and it will contain many posts about music, whether it be me presenting my love for Brandon Flowers or dissing the NME, you won’t be able to get rid of me that easy.




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